Academic Performance

The academic year is divided into four marking periods. A student’s grades in each class will be based on some or all of the following: daily work, class participation, homework assignments, projects, tests, and overall effort. Students will receive four report cards and four progress reports during the academic school year, usually in their homeroom class.


Students are graded on a system where an A represents excellent, B good, C average, D poor, and F failure. Students should be aware of their grade throughout the year, based on the work and effort they are achieving in class. Students are encouraged to seek additional help when experiencing difficulty. The students should also consult with guidance counselors for other tutoring opportunities.


Agenda Books

All students will be supplied with a school agenda assignment book. All students will bring their assignment book to all their classes. Parents should check the agenda regularly. By recording all their assignments, students can complete their work and develop positive organization habits.