School Information
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Our students and staff make wonderful things happen every day. We have a strong sense of family and togetherness and this helps us all to work so well with one another.

Everyone at Carrigan School is always encouraged to do his or her best. We know that we have many challenges as well as many opportunities ahead, so we set high goals for everyone. We are all working hard to fulfill the local, state and national expectations for our students. We expect to see growth each and every year.

The staff of Carrigan School believes that every child can and will learn. Our mission is to help each and every child reach his or her full potential and to demonstrate proficiency and mastery of the essential skills and talents needed by every person in our society.

A key challenge is to implement an instructional program that provides the basis for a productive and rewarding life while at the same time meeting every local, state and national standard of accountability. These standards of accountability are embraced by all. In our efforts to make our students life-long learners, we employ the skillful implementation of our curriculum and review of student data. This method also helps the students to develop a series of very useful and fulfilling talents.

We are also strongly committed to the development of the social skills needed for productive relationships in life.  We believe that everyone needs to take responsibility for his or her actions. True strength is shown through the content of one’s character. We believe that we should always try to be a positive influence in everything we do because we believe that this will help us to keep a clear focus on the future.   

Mission Statement 

Carrigan School is a place where students, families, staff and community come together to cultivate an environment of positive learning, personal growth and mutual respect. The Carrigan Community will foster the development of the whole child and empower students to attain success.