teachers of the month


Andrea teaches fifth grade. She has been teaching for 21 years, including 14 at Carrigan.

- September | Andrea Blakeslee


Brian teaches fifth-grade math and science. He's been teaching for 15 years, including 11 at Carrigan.

- September | Brian Hildenbrandt

teacher posing

This is Leslie's 20th year of teaching. She got her start at Savin Rock and has been at Carrigan since it became a grades 5-6 intermediate school 13 years ago.

- October | Leslie Morgan


Greg teaches music at Carrigan and has been here for 25 years.

- November | Greg Benn


Anne-Marie has been teaching in West Haven for 38 years. She teaches General Music, Keyboard Class, African Drumming, Chorus, and Drama.

- November | Anne-Marie LaMotta


Stacy teaches 6th Grade Inclusion at Carrigan and this is her 24th year teaching at the school.

- December | Stacy Antonucci


Michael currently teaches 6th Grade Inclusion. This is his 11th year teaching, all at Carrigan.

- December | Michael Bartone


Elisa teaches 5th grade sheltered classroom. This is her 33rd year teaching and she's been at Carrigan for 14 years.

- January | Elisa Rice


Jamey teaches Grade 5 EL sheltered classroom, math and science. He's been teaching for 26 years in West Haven with 14 years at Carrigan.

- January | Jamey Sitro

teacher headshot

Grade is in her 1st year teaching in West Haven but her 21st year teaching overall. She teaches 5th-grade humanities.

- February | Grace Malangone-Romano


Melissa teaches 6th-grade math and science. This is her 9th year teaching and 1st year at Carrigan.

- February | Melissa Deroche


Cameron is a school social worker and has been teaching for 5 years, all at Carrigan.

- March | Cameron Hotchkiss

family photo

Maura has been a school social worker in West Haven for the past 24 years, 14 of them at Carrigan.

- March | Maura Izzo


Ben teaches fifth-grade English Language Arts and Social Studies. This is his 10th year teaching (7 in the United Kingdom and 3 in Connecticut), and 1st year in West Haven.

- April | Ben Pellant


Kim teaches sixth-grade Humanities and has been teaching for 5 years, all at Carrigan.

- April | Kim Wilson


Veronica teaches English to newly arrived students from other countries. She's been teaching for 19 years and has been at Carrigan since 2010.

- May | Veronica Howard


Racheal teaches 5th grade Humanities. This is her 1st year teaching at Carrigan, and her 10th year overall.

- May | Racheal Raucci