B12 Basics

Welcome to 5th Grade! :)

Welcome our classroom and Fifth Grade! We are going to have such an exciting year! Fifth Grade marks the start of the journey into the intermediate grades!

The Cat in the Hat made an appearance on Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

Here are some things that you need to know for the year:

LET’S STAY ORGANIZED! - Planners! Every night your students will have their homework written in their planner in specific sections for each subject. They will also have a stamp on the bottom on each day. This will inform you as to what color they were on for the day.  I am asking that parents initial or sign underneath the stamp so I know that you are aware of their daily behavior, and so that I know you have looked over their homework. These need to go back and forth to school daily – they cannot be left at home. This will result in your students not receiving their daily Barletta Buck. If your student loses it, or destroys it in some way, then you are responsible for purchasing a new one ($5.00 each).

HOW TO REACH ME! - I can be best reached by sending a note in with your student, E-Mail (Tracy.Barletta@whschools.org) or by calling the school and leaving a message. When I get a free period I will call you back – or depending on the day (there are 2 days where we don’t have free periods) I will return your call after school. I am always available to set up meetings after school or during the day during free periods.

BEHAVIOR - In Room B12, we use a 4-color behavior system. Everyone starts the day off on green. If they are behaving inappropriately, then they will be moved to yellow, which is a warning space. If they continue the behavior or cause harm to another student or the environment, then they will be moved to red. When they are moved to red, they are required to fill out a Think Ticket. This is a card that they must fill out to make them think about their words and actions that caused them to move to red. The card must be filled out that day and be signed by a parent/guardian that night. If it is not returned to school the next day, it counts as no homework, and they won’t receive their Barletta Bucks for the day. This year we also have a Purple option on the top of our color chart, which is adding positive reinforcement to our behavior plan!

CARING COUGARS - Carrigan School has a Caring Cougar Award Ceremony each month. Each student has an equal chance to be nominated by their teacher.  There is one student each month from each 5th and 6th grade class that is nominated for the award.  If you receive a Caring Cougar Award, then you will be moved to our High Five! Purple square of our color chart. This will allow all the students in the class to recognize what an amazing job your student is doing!  You will also receive a Homework Pass!

BARLETTA BUCKS – If your students complete their homework nightly (with the exception of a homework pass), do their classroom job, and stay on green, then they are given a Barletta Buck daily (or at times at the end of the week). Barletta Bucks add up and allow your children to purchase things in the Barletta Boutique. In the Barletta Boutique you will find such great things as school supplies, Homework Passes, Switch Your Seat Passes, Switch Jobs Passes, Sit with a Friend Passes, and many more! The Barletta Bucks will help them with their math as well.

NIGHTLY HOMEWORK – I assign around 20-45 minutes of homework a night. Students should be reading nightly for at least 15 minutes on their own - without a nightly reminder. I assign nightly Spelling Review, Math Review, and sometimes Science or Social Studies Review. Homework should be an extension of daily activities so your students can gain more practice. If they need assistance with it – go ahead and assist, but giving them the answer won’t help them out at all. All homework must be done in pencil. If homework isn’t done that day, they will be sent out to recess with a clipboard. I refer to the saying, “If you play during work time, then you’ll work during play time.” If extraneous circumstances arise, there is always room for an exception!

HOMEWORK FOLDER – This must come back and forth to school daily. This also is the way that homework goes home, and the way I will get notes that you send in, so it must be in school every day. I purchased these purple folders for your students so they will all match. If your student loses it, or destroys it in some way, then you are responsible for purchasing a new one. 

SUPPLIES – I sent out a post card to each student to welcome you to our Room B12 family. I hope you all got your school supplies! If you have any extra school supplies lying around we can always use donations! 

BREAKFAST – Breakfast is served daily for students who purchase it. It is to be finished by 8:50am. During breakfast time students are also required to complete their morning work. They must come in, put their things in their locker, do their lunch count and attendance, and get to breakfast and morning work (many kids like to dilly dally)!

LUNCH – I am not in charge of the lunch system. Last year I received many questions about lunch. You must contact the Food Service Department (203-937-4373 or meg.kingston@whschools.org) if you have any questions about it.  If your child is purchasing lunch daily, please make sure they know their lunch number and they have their lunch money IN AN ENVELOPE with their name and my name on it if needed.

SICK? – If your student is staying home sick for the day, please make sure you call the office and let them know. If they are feeling under the weather, it is okay to stay home – I will make them a work packet, and send it home with a sibling or it can wait until your student is feeling better – they will also have a week to complete it.  If students stay home and get better, it’s much less likely that the rest of the class will catch what the others have! Also, please make sure that we are practicing covering our mouths when we cough and sneeze, and washing our hands/hand sanitizing after!

SNEEZING! ­– We go through tons of tissues and hand sanitizer. I purchase these myself, so any donations of either would help us out tons! Thanks in advance! 

SCHOLASTIC – About 5-6 times a year I send out the Scholastic Book Orders. These are a great way to get awesome books at super cheap prices! Scholastic asks for only checks or credit card payments (you can do them yourselves online too – I have a special code for parents to use).

DONORS CHOOSE – Donors Choose is an organization that I use to help get materials that we need for our classroom. I put up items that we need and hope that people donate to our cause. I’ve had two projects funded so far so we’re doing pretty well! Part of the agreement is that we’ll send pictures of our kids using the items to the organization so the people that donate can see them in action. If you don’t want your child photographed please let me know.

FIELD TRIPS – Over the school year, we will be going on field trips. At Carrigan we are always looking for chaperones. We would LOVE you to chaperone on our field trips! There are a few rules though – we legally cannot bring children other than the students in our classroom on the field trip (this includes siblings, cousins.. etc.) We also will need you to ride the bus with us so we all end up at the same place. We also ask all of our chaperones to take a group of students to be responsible for (during most field trips). Your student will be in your group for the trip.  

BIRTHDAYS – We are not allowed to have non-healthy treats for birthdays.  Please be aware of that before sending anything in.  We will sing and make it fun, don't worry!

SBAC TESTING – During these days students MUST have a good breakfast at home, and a good night’s sleep and be well rested!

ROOM PARENTS – We are looking for 1-2 parents who would like to become our Room Parents. These parents will assist with any type of Holiday Craft, End of the Year Party, and they usually come on field trips with us. If this is something that interests you then please send me a note in with your child or send me an e-mail. We’d be glad to have you! 

PTA – Please consider joining our PTA.  The meeting dates are posted on the website.

OPEN HOUSE – Please make sure you attend Open House. Here you will meet me, get a classroom tour, and get a feel for what your child does daily. We will also introduce the Compact and explain to you how it can help your student succeed! 

CONFERENCES – Conferences are scheduled for a reason. They allow you to see how your student is doing and give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about their behavior and academics. I send home a time preference sheet about a week before conferences – so please make sure to fill it out and send it back in so we can schedule you a time. We do have translators available too, but I must know in ADVANCE so we can schedule them.  Please don't just show up, I won't be able to see you if it's not in my schedule.

CALENDAR – I send home a monthly calendar so you know what days we have each special (so students can dress appropriately) and so you know what’s going on in the school/classroom daily. 

BARLETTA BULLETIN – I send out a monthly bulletin to let all Room B12 Families know what’s going on in our classroom. It will have pictures of the children in class, important dates to remember, and what we’re learning about at that time. Make sure you read them, they’re full of useful information – and maybe there’ll be a pop-quiz during Open House!

I am so excited for this year, and I know your students are too. Please make sure they get plenty of rest nightly so they are ready for the school day! Here’s to a wonderful year in 5th Grade! 

-Miss Barletta