The Early Years

The Commencement of a Company

The little caramel company started by a bit of a failure, had a LONG way to go to become the corporation we know and love today. After coating the caramels they began producing chocolate bars, wafers, and other shapes in 1900. With the new products' massive production, Hershey was able to lower the per-unit cost making the delicasies affordable to all. The immediate success caused the increase of facilities. As noted inMilton Hershey, the original location was actually nearly perfect: close to ports that brought in sugar and cocoa beans, near farms with many cows for dairy, and was in a communtiy with a number of hard working people. Looking to expand the product line in 1907, Hershey's kissses were made proving to be another milestone for the corporation.   FUN FACT: An original advertising slogan was "A Palatable Confection and Nourishing Food" and the original symbol was a baby in a cocoa bean.