Book Report - 15%

Red Hot Reader - 10%

Tests - 15%

Quiz - 20%

Homework - 10%

Classwork - 25%

Reading response journals - 5%

Your child's grade is based upon work completed in the classroom and at home.

Class work  - in class responses to topics we have read and worksheets.

Quiz/ Tests - assessment of information acquired in class, this may consist of multiple choice, short answer, open-ended questions and essays.

Red Hot Reader - your child is required to read for at least 10 minutes each night and up to 60 minutes for one week. This is a required assignment and Red Hot Reader forms are turned in every Monday and a new form is provided to your child. Independent reading allows your child to improve fluency and reading comprehension. You can read anything for the assignment- comic books, novels, cookbooks, magazines...

Book Report  - assigned one per marking period. Students will visit the library and check out novels for their reports. The assignment consists of a detailed project, directions on how to complete the project and a rubric for how it will be graded.

Reading response journals - topics related to class readings and your child's insightful response.