Talented and Gifted

The Talented and Gifted Program Site

The West Haven School System believes that the talents of gifted students must be recognized and the gifted provided the opportunity to interact with other students equally talented. A stimulating learning environment is required to enable all gifted students to expand their creative and critical thinking abilities.

The goals of the Talented and Gifted Program are :

  1. To assist the student in achieving higher levels of:
    • Critical thinking
    • Research skills Creative thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Self-awareness and task commitment
  2. To enhance a student's talents and gifts by providing:
    • An opportunity for interaction with one's intellectual peers
    • Access to a wide variety of resources
    • An atmosphere of questioning and risk taking
    • Opportunities for in-depth investigation and presentation
  3. To support classroom teachers through:
    • Consultation
    • In service and workshops
    • Materials and activities

The West Haven Board of Education has a teacher devoted to the needs of the Talented and Gifted students in Grades 5 and 6, Mrs. Patti Fusco. She is on the staff of Carrigan Intermediate School.