Lesson 14

access - freedom or permission to enter
associate - to bring together in the mind
boisterous - noisy and uncontrolled
brilliant - very bright; sparkling
decade - a ten year period
delicate - easily broken or damaged
employ - to hire and put to work for pay
idle - doing nothing; not working
illuminate - to lighten up; to supply with light
provide- to give what is needed; to supply
require- to need or demand
taunt - to make fun of in an insulting way; to jeer
tolerant- willing to let others have their own beliefs and ways, even if different from one's own
transform- to change the form, looks, or nature of
wilderness- an area where there are few people living; an area still in its natural state

Lesson 15

disaster- something that causes great damage or harm
flee- to run away from danger or from something frightening
fracture- a crack or break, as in metal or bone
immense- great in size or extent
intense- very strong; very great
investigate- to look into closely; to study in great detail
lurch- to move forward or to one side suddenly and unexpectedly
major- great in size, number, or importance
minor- small; unimportant
petrify- to make rigid with terror; to terrify
predict- to say what will happen before it takes place
prone- likely to have or do
sparse-thinly grown or spread
topple - to fall or push over
urban - having to do with cities

Lesson 16

abdicate- to give up a high office
assume- to take for granted; to suppose
bungle- to do something badly or without skill
dominate - to rule or control; to have a very important place or position
former- coming before in time; having been at an earlier time
guardian - one who protects
hoist - to lift or raise, especially by using a rope
intercept - to stop or seize something while it is on its way somewhere
jubilee - the celebration of an anniversary, especially a fiftieth anniversary or beyond
kin - related by birth or marriage
pardon - to forgive
proclaim- to make known publicly; to announce
provoke - to annoy or make angry
reign - to rule as a queen or king
riot - public disorder or violence

In writing, students are focusing on poems. 

Our skills in reading are poems, simile, metaphor, irony, idiom, and hyperbole.  Students will have a book report project due on the last school day of each month.

Our Unit 5 CA (Common Assessment) will be on or before May 20, 2016